Skål Vancouver May Minutes 2018

May 9th General Meeting Minutes

 Civic Hotel, Surrey

President Michael opened the meeting.

Check-in Team:  David and Richard

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Lisa

Toast to Queen: Harvey Lee

SKAL Toast: James Chase

 May Birthdays:

  • Brian Rohl
  • Richard Purcell
  • Gordon Chatry
  • Doris Hager
  • Altan


  • Juan Duran has a guest, Tom Beckett of Hotel Valuation Services
  • Michael Favelle has a guest, Chris Perna GM Hilton Hotel Burnaby
  • Scott Johnson has a guest, Paul Gallop GM Westin Element of Burnaby
  • Beth Walters has a guest, Cindy Schoenauer
  • Altan has a guest, Burcul Inalpolat,Fairmont Waterfront Hotel.
  • Harvey has a guest Kathy Delisser
  • Doris Hager has a guest, Zandro

Welcome to all Guests 

Inductions we have three new members:

  • Karen Lewis, Harvey will introduce
  • Karen Tocher, Lisa will introduce
  • Christine Louden, Lisa will introduce

Thank you, Lisa and Harvey, for bringing in our new members tonight.  It is great to see the club with adding 3 new members two months in a row.

Lisa and Angus have been working very hard to increase our membership however they cannot do this alone.  We are looking to you, the membership to help.  If you are able and/or interested in assisting with membership drive, please see either Angus or Lisa.  Remember we cannot do this alone.

Thank you to General Manager Franklin Jackson for allowing us to visit and tour his hotel tonight.  And Thank you to Rooms Division Manager Jonie Tee for the tours.

Board Member Harvey Lee discussed the upcoming Golf Tournament and reminded members to sign up for the golf event and/or the dinner.

Drink Tickets:  we will be moving to cash bars. Tickets will be sold at the Golf event. Starting September dinner event we will not be selling drink tickets. Cash bars will begin. All members tickets will be accepted until February 28, 2019.

We are going to start working on our co-event with Victoria for next February, however, we have been approached by the Rockies Skal Club to see if we would do a co-event with them.  (Michael asked if the membership was interested and there was a positive response) 

Draw Prizes: Lisa, Richard, and Steven

  • Wine –David
  • Wine -Andrew
  • Gift certificate from the Civic Hotel weekend accommodations-Harvey

Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December

  • Karen Lewis
  • Rudolf Tze
  • Andrew Brownrigg

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thank you to the Civic Hotel: President Michael

Upcoming Meeting: June 15 UBC Golf and Dinner event.















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