Skål Vancouver September Minutes 2018

September 12th General Meeting Minutes – Trattoria Restaurant

President Michael opened the meeting, and thanked all for attending.

Check-in Team:  David and Richard

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Richard

Toast to Queen: Gary Collinge

SKAL Toast: Karen Tocher, well done

September Birthdays:

  • Abul Walli
  • Eda Koot
  • Mark Elliott
  • Dave Stevens


  • Matt Taylor had a guest: Steve Farrelly Senior MGR Rocky Mountaineer.
  • Scott had one guest: Chris Perna GM Hilton Metrotown
  • Shamir had a guest: his son Yaseen
  • Beth Walters had a guest: Robert Pratt
  • Mark Elliott had two guests: Barbara Ramos and Thais Fraga from Douglas College.

Welcome to all Guests 

Our President Michael, advised that Angus Wilkinson is stepping off as Chair for the Membership Committee. Michael thanked Angus for all of the hard work he did over the years. Angus said a few words. In my many visits with different Skal Clubs around the world. I have enjoyed amazing hospitality from the members of those Clubs. To be able to share experiences with people in different cultures and varying lifestyles is extremely rewarding. If any of our members would like to speak to me personally about these experiences and friendships developed I am open to discuss with you at any time.

Michael requested our membership should develop new members this is critical to the growth of our club. Anyone interested to be the Membership Chair advise me as soon as possible.

Draw Prizes – Richard and Steven  ( wines and other prizes)

  • Wine: Robert Pratt
  • Wine: Andrew Brownrigg
  • Wine: Shamir
  • Gift Certificates (3) $50 each from the Trattoria winners are:
    • Karen Tocher
    • David Wetsch
    • Yaseen

Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December

  •  Mark Elliott
  • Angus
  • Angus

Congratulations to all of the winners

Thank you to the Trattoria, Our President thanked Patrick and his team for a job well done. All members applauded.

 Upcoming Meeting: October 10th Coast Hotel at Coal Harbour








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