Skål Vancouver October Minutes 2018

October 10th General Meeting Minutes

Preston’s Restaurant and Lounge at the Coast Coal Harbour by APA

President Michael opened the meeting

Check-in Team:  David and Greg Moon

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Lisa

Toast to Queen: Ivano

SKAL Toast: Harvey

October Birthdays:

  • Tim Tindle


  • Karim introduced Sophia Virani
  • Mark Elliott introduced 3 Young Skal Students from Japan

Welcome to all Guests

Induction: Altan

  • Burcu Inalpulat Fairmont Hotel Water Front Hotel, congratulations Burcu and a warm welcome to our Club

President Message

President Michael reminded the membership about the drink tickets usage, discussed that we will announce the 2019 meeting calendar next meeting.  We are working on the Victoria Co-event for 2019 here in Vancouver and will have further details next month.  He reminded everyone about our annual Christmas fundraiser for the Christmas Bureau and threw a challenge out to Coach to take to his Skal Canada meeting to challenge all clubs across Canada for December!

Draw Prizes – Lisa and Steven wines and other prizes

  • Wine, Angus
  • Wine, Ricardo
  • Wine, Karim
  • Gift Certificates: one for $150 in Preston’s winner is Mark Elliott and one for accommodation in the Coast Hotel Coal Harbour valued at $500, the winner is Christine Lounden

Congratulations to all the winners.

Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December)

  • Michael our President
  • James Chase
  • Chris Perna

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thank you to the Coast Hotel and Preston’s Restaurant and Bar. Michael thanked the entire team for one of the best dinners we have had as a club. First Class. Brian Rohl many thanks for hosting.

Upcoming Meeting: November 14th, Vancouver Club








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