Skål Vancouver February 2020 Dinner Meeting Minutes

February 12th ,General Meeting Minutes

Kobe Japanese Steak House,1042 Alberni Street

President Michael:  Michael reminded us on Feb.21 we will be in Victoria to have dinner with the Victoria Club. Please go to our newsletter for all the detail and we will send a reminder to all members.

Check-in Team:  David, Thomas and Harvey

Raffle: Kevin and Christine

Toast to Queen: Ivano

SKAL Toast: Mark Schaay VP Admin and PR for Skal Canada

February Birthdays:

  • James Chase
  • Karen Lewis
  • Thomas
  • Ivano
  • Denis Forristal
  • Fikriye
  • Greg Moon
  • Ricardo
  • Franziska

Membership: Michael reminded us we have a need for New Members. So please invite guests to our upcoming meetings.  We are targeting 70 members this year!


  • Thomas has a guest, his wife Sarah
  • Altan has Josh Folgmann,V ivian De Moraes Garcia Do Carmo, Joey Lai,Mibn Han,Trang Le, Dharini Patel and Altan’s Brother Erkan
  • Lisa Jackson has a guest Allison Donn GM Listel Hotel
  • Christine has a guest,Shannon Gu Hotel Bleu
  • Mark Elliott has two guests,Henry Kim and AmarAnkh-Amgalan
  • Michael our President has two guests,Karman Jones,BusinessDevelopment Officer Calabash Bistro and Maz Artangof Aughem Talent
  • Andrew has a guest his wife
  • Morgan has a guest Brian Rohl Coast Hotels

Ivano introduced Mark Schaay VP Admn and PR Skal Canada. Mark updated us on Skal Canada. The membership growth is positive. He mentioned he liked the energy and activity of our Club.


Jessica Young Skal (Altan)

Anthony Woo( Christine)

2019 Tourism Award, Harvey remind us the Wickaninnish Inn and Charles McDiarmid will receive the Award on May 13th.

Harvey reminded us to attend our annual Golf Tournament will be held on June 12th at UBC. Please contact Steven for prizes that can be used for the silent auction. Be creative.

Ivano updated the club on the 2020 Membership Development Drive(Raffle)

Draw Prizes: Kevin and Christine

  • Joyce wine
  • Harvey,wine
  • Joyce Valentine Basket
  • Vivian do Carmo,wine

Grand Prize Draw for 2020 $2500 at our Annual Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club.

  • Ron
  • David
  • Andrew

Thank you to the team: Our President thanked the team for a job well done.

Next meeting: March 11th Luncheon at the Pan Pacific Hotel. This will also be our AGM . reception 11:30amto noon. Buffet Lunch from noon to 1pm.

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