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May Minutes 2017

General Minutes

Wed May 10, 2017
Coast Plaza Hotel

Michael Favelle will be the MC, as our President Greg cannot attend.

Check-in Team: David and Fikriye
Raffle: Ron and Steven Chen
Toast to Queen: Gordon Chatry
SKAL Toast: Richard Purcell

May Birthdays : Brian Rohl, Richard Purcell, Gordon Chatry,Doris Hager and Altan.

Inductions: Kevin Woolliams (Morgan Chatry) Matt Taylor Young Skal(Altan) Dave Stevens (Michael Kaile) Great inductions.
Welcome to the Vancouver Skal Club.

Guests: Altan has a guest, Mr. Watts, GM of the Chateau Granville, Linda Hagen has a guest, Suzanne Bidinost,
Welcome to all Guests and we all do hope one day you will become a Vancouver

Skal Member. Michael Favelle
did a power point presentation on Social Media and where the Vancouver Skal Club needs to improve. Great presentation and we all together will improve our usage of Social Media.

Draw Prizes – Ron and Steven Chen
$ 2500.00 Cash Prize drawn at the 2017 Dec. Skal Christmas lunch
Steve Halliday
Shamir Shivji
Beth Walters
Congratulation’s to the winners of the Grand Prize Draw

Gordon Chatry
Craig Norris-Jones
Steven Chen
The quality of wines is note worthy

Thanks to Linda Hagen and her Team. Brian Veitch. A fantastic dinner and the service was first Class. Well done.

National Raffle
Ivano updated the membership we have over $30,000 in prizes please support the National Raffle and purchase your tickets tonight the draw will be held on June 17 at the Skal Canada meeting. Ivano, Angus, and Altan will be attending. Thanks for the update Ivano. Good Luck to all who purchased tickets.

Upcoming Meetings:

June 16 th Annual Ron Groves Golf Tournament, dinner and Silent Auction at UBC Golf and Country Club. More info go to the Vancouver Skal website for full details.

September 13 th , location to be announced

Thank you Michael for chairing our meeting tonight, well done.

Meeting Adjourned.

May Minutes

Wed May 11, 2016
Hilton Hotel Richmond  AGM

Check-in team: Ron Waterhouse and Ivano Corazza
Raffle: Ron – $370.00 Raised for the Club
Toast to the Queen: Beth Walters

SKAL Toast: Gordon Chatry

May Birthdays: Rick Buecking, Gordon Chatry, and Linda Hagen

Guests: John Garden Guest of Angus Wilkinson

New Business:  Harvey spoke on the golf and fishing in June and support is appreciated.

The Club will be changing the payment plan to credit cards only. This due to the changes to the EST position. We have hired an outside bookkeeper and David Wetsch will be doing the ES duties.

Ivano spoke about the National Raffle and prizes to be won.

Angus advised the membership we will be inducting 5 new members in June.

3 Names for $2000 cash this month:
Mike Durkin, Ivano Corazza, and Jim Storie

Wine draw, Craig Norris-Jones and Norman Mastalir
Candle: Scott Johnson and Jonas Melin

Thanks to the Hilton: Michael thanked the staff and kitchen staff for a fabulous dinner.

(Meeting finished at 8:30 pm)