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Skål Vancouver March 2020 Lunch & AGM Meeting Minutes

March 11th ,General Meeting and AGM Agenda

Pan Pacific Hotel 11:30am Reception and noon Lunch

President Michael sends his regrets, Harvey Lee: opened the meeting and welcomed all for attending.

Check-in Team:  David and Thomas

Raffle: Kevin and Steven

Toast to Queen: Steve Halliday

SKAL Toast: Joyce Hayne, well done

March Birthdays:

  • Scott Johnson
  • Rudolf Tiz
  • Bill Whyte
  • Joyce Hayne
  • Lisa Jackson

Membership: Harvey reminded us we have a need for New Members. So please invite guests to our upcoming meetings.


  • David has a guest Miriam Aroeste Contemporary Art
  • Dave Stevens has a guest. 

Inductions: next meeting

2019 Tourism Award, Harvey will remind us the Wickaninnish Inn and Charles McDiarmid will receive the Award May 13th. His wife Kari-Anne will be attending.

Steven Chen: discussed our annual Golf Tournament will be held on June 12th at UBC. Please contact Steven for prizes that can be used for the silent auction. Be creative.

Ivano Regrets: David updated on the status on the National Raffle. The launch will has been delayed until after NASC. The reason is C-19 is causing problems for high-quality list of prizes. The approach to the whole program will be reviewed at the National Board meeting. We will keep you updated.

Draw Prizes: Kevin and Steven Chen 

  • Wine
  • Gift vouchers $25 each to the newly opened restaurant Stock and Supply at the Delta Hotel on West Hastings.
  • Gift certificate for brunch for two at Oceans 999 in the Pan Pacific.

Grand Prize Draw for 2020 $2500 at our Annual Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club.

  • Angus
  • Joyce
  • Dave Stevens

Thank you to the team: Steve Halliday

Next meeting: April 8th, THE FRENCH TABLE

Annual General Meeting Agenda

Harvey Lee to open the AGM

See the attached AGM Financial Report for 2019

The selection of the 2020 Board was completed, see attached the list of names of our Board with titles.

  • Michael Favelle – President
  • Lisa Jackson – VP Finance
  • Christine Louden – Director House and Program
  • Altan Demirkaya – Director Young Skal Chairperson
  • Steven Chen – Director at Large: House and Events
  • Harvey Lee – Director at Large: Events
  • David Wetsch – Secretary / Treasurer
  • Ron Waterhouse – Director at Large
  • Tomas Reppchen   – Director at Large
  • Fikriye Topkaya – Young Skal Ambassador


  • Greg Moon – Past President
  • Ivano Corazza – Skal Canada Representative

Meeting adjourned.

Skål Vancouver February 2020 Dinner Meeting Minutes

February 12th ,General Meeting Minutes

Kobe Japanese Steak House,1042 Alberni Street

President Michael:  Michael reminded us on Feb.21 we will be in Victoria to have dinner with the Victoria Club. Please go to our newsletter for all the detail and we will send a reminder to all members.

Check-in Team:  David, Thomas and Harvey

Raffle: Kevin and Christine

Toast to Queen: Ivano

SKAL Toast: Mark Schaay VP Admin and PR for Skal Canada

February Birthdays:

  • James Chase
  • Karen Lewis
  • Thomas
  • Ivano
  • Denis Forristal
  • Fikriye
  • Greg Moon
  • Ricardo
  • Franziska

Membership: Michael reminded us we have a need for New Members. So please invite guests to our upcoming meetings.  We are targeting 70 members this year!


  • Thomas has a guest, his wife Sarah
  • Altan has Josh Folgmann,V ivian De Moraes Garcia Do Carmo, Joey Lai,Mibn Han,Trang Le, Dharini Patel and Altan’s Brother Erkan
  • Lisa Jackson has a guest Allison Donn GM Listel Hotel
  • Christine has a guest,Shannon Gu Hotel Bleu
  • Mark Elliott has two guests,Henry Kim and AmarAnkh-Amgalan
  • Michael our President has two guests,Karman Jones,BusinessDevelopment Officer Calabash Bistro and Maz Artangof Aughem Talent
  • Andrew has a guest his wife
  • Morgan has a guest Brian Rohl Coast Hotels

Ivano introduced Mark Schaay VP Admn and PR Skal Canada. Mark updated us on Skal Canada. The membership growth is positive. He mentioned he liked the energy and activity of our Club.


Jessica Young Skal (Altan)

Anthony Woo( Christine)

2019 Tourism Award, Harvey remind us the Wickaninnish Inn and Charles McDiarmid will receive the Award on May 13th.

Harvey reminded us to attend our annual Golf Tournament will be held on June 12th at UBC. Please contact Steven for prizes that can be used for the silent auction. Be creative.

Ivano updated the club on the 2020 Membership Development Drive(Raffle)

Draw Prizes: Kevin and Christine

  • Joyce wine
  • Harvey,wine
  • Joyce Valentine Basket
  • Vivian do Carmo,wine

Grand Prize Draw for 2020 $2500 at our Annual Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club.

  • Ron
  • David
  • Andrew

Thank you to the team: Our President thanked the team for a job well done.

Next meeting: March 11th Luncheon at the Pan Pacific Hotel. This will also be our AGM . reception 11:30amto noon. Buffet Lunch from noon to 1pm.

Skål Vancouver January 2020 Dinner Meeting Minutes

January 8th, General Meeting Minutes

Chez Michel West Vancouver

President Michael opened the meeting.  Welcomed all to our first meeting in 2020.  Michael reminded us on Feb.21 we will be in Victoria to have a dinner with the Victoria Club. Please go to our newsletter for all the detail. We hope for a good turn out.

Check-in Team:  David and Thomas

Raffle:  Christine and Steven

Toast to Queen: Nazami Kamal

SKAL Toast: Andrew (well done)

January Birthdays:

  • Peter Armstrong
  • Steve Halliday
  • David Wetsch

Membership: Michael reminded us we have a need for New Members. So please invite guests to our upcoming meetings.


  • Thomas has a guest, his wife Sarah.

Inductions: Introduced by Altan. We are very pleased you have joined our Club

  • Priscila
  • Nazanin Zarghani
  • Nazmi Kamal

2019 Tourism Award: Harvey reminded us the Wickaninnish Inn and Charles McDiarmid will receive the Award in March.

Angus reviewed the detail for the upcoming Skal meeting with the Victoria Club in Victoria. We will send an invite as a reminder to all Members however details are below:

Mark your calendar: Friday February 21, 2020 will be our annual inter-club dinner with Skål Victoria.  The Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour will be hosing the dinner.  Cost is $65.00 per person.  Reception starts at 6pm and Dinner at 6:45pm.

The Hotel Grand Pacific is offering a rate of $119 plus tax, per room per night that is available Friday February 21 and Saturday 22.  For reservations please call 1-800-663-7550 or 1-250-386-0450 and please use booking code is FEB20SKAL.

If you require transportation to Victoria – Wilson’s Travel is offering a Skål Member Discount available for reservations from now until Feb 24th, 2020. Valid trip dates Thursday Feb 20 to Monday Feb 24.  Please use the online PROMO CODE – SkalCanada2020.  Discounts on- BC Ferries Connector – 50% off (does not include ferry fare) and YYJ Airport Shuttle – 50%off.

Further details regarding attractions etc. will be available soon but the above will allow members to start making reservations.  Cut-off date for reservations will be Feb.14.

Steven Chen reminded us our annual Golf Tournament will be held on June 12th at UBC. Please contact Steven for prizes that can be used for the silent auction. Be creative.

Draw Prizes: Christine and Steven Chen


  • Gordon Z a bottle of wine.
  • Christine a bottle of wine
  • Jonas, the Granville Island Brewing Package
  • Harvey Lee $50 Gift Card to Chez Michel

Grand Prize Draw for 2020 $2500 at our Annual Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club:

  • David
  • Michael our President
  • Sarah

Thank you to the team: Joyce Hayne Thanked Chez Michel for the outstanding Food and Service. Well done.

Next meeting: Feb 12th, Kobe Japanese Steak House 1042 Alberni Street Vancouver

Skål Vancouver December Meeting Minutes 2019

December 11th General Meeting Minutes

Arbutus Club

President Michael opened the meeting and Welcomed all to our Annual Christmas Lunch. He thanked our check in Team.

Check-in Team: David and Thomas

Donations: Greg Moon will accept for the Food Bank and the Christmas Bureau

Raffle: Christine and Steven

Toast to Queen: Karen L.

SKAL Toast: Randy V.

December Birthdays:

  • Angus
  • Steven Chen
  • Ayako
  • Randy Vannatter

Michael reminded us we have a need for New Members. So please invite guests to our upcoming meetings.  We have 62 members for the year and the membership team is there it help (David, Mark, Christine, Karen & Altan) are growing, why can we not have 75?

We awarded the Ugly Christmas Sweater to Andrew Brownrigg who received a $75 Visa Gift card.


  • Beth’s guest is Brian
  • David’s guest is Liberty
  • Dikran’s guest is Sandra
  • Coach’s guest is Sandra Lou
  • Ron’s guest is Donna

Inductions :

  • John Kearns by Scott Johnson

Tourism Award: Harvey presented the recipient of the 2019 Bill Rowe Tourism Award; The Wickaninnish Inn

Draw Prizes: Christine and Steven we had a beautiful Christmas Basket prepared by Christine and 5 Bottles of wine and entry for 4 to the Christmas Market (Courtesy of Randy V)

The 2019 $2500 Grand Prize Draw by Coach…. The winner of the $2500 was Scott Johnson, Christine & Devaraj!  The shared the prize pool, congrats to all!

Thank you to the team: Devaraj from Young Skal thanked the entire team of the Arbutus Club for an excellent Buffet and Service. Well done and Merry Christmas to all

We raised $180 for the Food Bank and $355 Christmas Bureau plus a bag of toys!  Thanks to all the members that donated!

Next meeting: January 8th Chez Michel 1373 Marine Drive(2nd floor) West Vancouver

Skål Vancouver November Meeting Minutes 2019

November 13th, General meeting Minutes

Prospect Point Stanley Park

President Michael: Welcomed all to our dinner event

Check-in Team: David and Harvey

Raffle: Kevin and Steven

Toast to Queen: Morgan

SKAL Toast: Christine

November Birthday: Ron Waterhouse. Happy Birthday Ron from all of us.

Membership: Michael reminded us we have a need for New Members. So please invite guests to our upcoming meetings.


  • Christine has two guests: Kanat(Ken) Kantman GM of the Pacifica/Peninsula Sienna Senior Living and Anthony Woo Travel Click
  • Chris has a guest Ed Jaskula
  • Thomas has a guest his wife Sarah
  • Dikran has a guest his wife Sandra
  • Ivano introduced Nazmi Kamal who introduced 11 students & 2 instructors; Jeff Anthony, Cheryl Hurlburt from Capilano University. Jessica and Priscilla have been approved as Young Skal members by Skal Intl and will be inducted in December.

Welcome to all Young Skal guests and instructors.


  • David introduced Thomas and President
  • Michael introduced Dikran

Welcome to the Club and we are very pleased you have joined.

Skal Canada Update: Ivano announced the 2020 National Raffle; if you want to donate a prize please send to Ivano soon. Christine was a winner last year. The prize she won was a fantastic package to Quebec City, she explained in detail. So please everyone should purchase a raffle ticket for 2020- more info to follow. The 2020 North American Skal Congress will be held in Winnipeg April 30 to May 2nd Ivano explained in detail the agenda. Any further updates from Skal Canada will be posted on the Vancouver Skal website.

Coach updated everyone on items from the Fall Board Meeting 2019

  • Hamilton is now known as the Hamilton – Niagara Club
  • Ottawa should have a club soon. Meeting with other Clubs and Skal Canada are in the works
  • Okanagan is a good possibility in 2020-2021. A golf tourney will be held in Kelowna in 2020 with the following clubs showing interest and involvement. Calgary, Edmonton, Canadian Rockies, Vancouver, and Victoria. Great way to showcase and promote Skal in the Okanagan.
  • We currently have 14530 members in 357 Clubs in 85 Nations. Anticipating that we level off at about 15,000 members.
  • Canada has 726 members in 17 Clubs
  • Vancouver with 58 is #3 in membership behind Quebec City 100, Canadian Rockies 75
  • Toronto membership is sitting at 55 and Victoria is at an outstanding 53 members.
  • Canadian Rockies Bill Rheaume is currently VP Skal International and may run for Skal International President for 2021. This election will be held at World Congress in Croatia October 15-20, 2020.
  • Quebec City Rep Jean Pelletier has been elected Skal Canada President for 2020.
  • NASC 2020 will be held in Winnipeg April 29- May 02. Costs are reasonable and subsidies are available. Please give your support by attending this Congress and show the world what we as Canadians are all about.
  • Canadian Fall Board meeting will be held in Halifax at the Fox Harb’r Resort, hosted by our very own Skal member Kevin Toth.
  • Instagram and twitter accounts are set up as Skal Canada President (not a personal account) so it may be passed on to future Canadian Presidents.
  • We have now purchased new Skal stretch tablecloth, Free standing backdrop, free standing teardrop. Which will be on display.
  • View testimonials on the Skal Canada website. Create your own.

Draw Prizes: Kevin and Steven Chen. The prizes are two bottles of wine and a $50 Gift Certificate to the Prospect Point Café.

  • Harvey winner of the Prospect Winery red wine
  • Scott Johnson, wine
  • Christine winner of the Gift Certificate

Congratulation’s to all winners

Grand Prize Draw for 2019 $2500 at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club on December 11th:

  • Chris
  • Scott Johnson
  • Young Skal member Devaraj

The Grand Prize draw will be on Dec. 11th

Thank you to the team: Ricardo thanked the Restaurant and kitchen for a job well done.

Next meeting: will be our annual Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club Dec. 11th.

Skål Vancouver October Meeting Minutes 2019

October 9th, Hilton Hotel Metrotown Minutes of the General Meeting

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Reflect Social Dining & Lounge

President Michael: opened the meeting and Welcomed all

Check-in Team: David and Harvey

Raffle: Kevin and Steven

Toast to Queen: Gordon Chatry

SKAL Toast: Steven

October Birthdays: Kevin we all wished him a Happy Birthday.

Membership: Michael reminded us we have a need for New Members. So please invite guests to our upcoming meetings.


  • Mark Elliott; Miyakawa, Miyu, Ino, Ayano, Kato, Tomo Gyehun Kim (Henry) and Dennis Innes
  • Thomas has a guest; Sarah
  • Scott Johnson has a guest; John Kearns
  • Altan has 7 Young Skal Guests
  • Dikran has a guest his wife Sandra
  • Steven Chen has two guests; Arvind Tandon Skal Member of Mumbai India

Welcome to all guests

No inductions this meeting.  In November, we will be inducting Thomas Reppchen, Kervin Dirkran and John Kearns.

Angus shared his trip to the 2019 World Congress in Miami with photos. Well done and thank you for the full summary.

Harvey Lee discussed the annual Tourism Award.  Each year the Vancouver Skal Club gives a Tourism Award. The Award is “the Bill Rowe Memorial Tourism Award”. This award can be for a local individual, a corporation or organisation that has significantly contributed to the success and growth of Tourism in Vancouver and British Columbia. Please go to the Vancouver Skal website and send your nominations for 2019 to Harvey Lee.

Ivano updated the club on the upcoming Fall Board meeting in Banff. Ivano announced the 2020 National Raffle, if you want to donate a prize please send to Ivano soon. The 2020 North American Skal Congress will be held in Winnipeg April 30 to May 2nd.

Draw Prizes winners were:

  • Christine – wine
  • David – wine
  • Joyce – wine
  • Steven – wine
  • Dennis Forrestial Gift card for $100 Dockside Restaurant Granville Island
  • Chris; Reflect Restaurant Hilton Hotel Metrotown
  • Randy; City Tour value $600

Grand Prize Draw for 2019 $2500 at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club on December 11th:

  • Dennis Forrestial
  • Dave Stevens
  • Dennis Innes from Vancouver Community College.

Thank you to the team at the Hilton, Scott Johnston. Great service and the meal was excellent.

Next dinner event will be on November 13th at the Prospect Point Restaurant in Stanley Park.

Letter of Congratulations to Skål Vancouver on it’s 65th anniversary from Skål Canada President Paul Durand

Dear President Michael, your committee and members,

Congratulations on your club’s 65th anniversary!

It is such an honor and pleasure for me to be able to congratulate a Skål Club on such a momentous anniversary and I am thrilled to be able to personally congratulate Skål Vancouver on this historic occasion.

I salute and admire each and every member as well as the various committees over the past 65 years that have all added their own flair, expertise and guidance in steering the club to the success it enjoys today. Skål Vancouver is a success story in Canada and your energy and vitality is exactly what we are trying to replicate in all clubs.

I wish that I could be there in person to celebrate this event with you however I had already confirmed my attendance at the renaming ceremony for our Skål Hamilton-Niagara club.

Although I can’t be there in person, I am proud to be your Canada President and am impressed by your club’s many achievements and wish you many more years of even greater success in the future.

Regards and Skål

Paul Durand


Skål Canada

Skål Vancouver September Meeting Minutes 2019

September 11th, General Meeting Minutes 65th Anniversary

Granville Island Hotel Dockside

President Michael: Welcomed all in attendance for the dinner

Check-in Team:  David and Lisa

Raffle:  Kevin and Altan

Toast to Queen: Michael Kaile

SKAL Toast: Matt Taylor

Michael read the letter from the President of Skal Canada Paul Durand congratulating our 65th (This will be posted on the Vancouver Skal website)

Michael read an update from Skal Canada (to be posted on the Vancouver Skal website)

July Birthdays:              

  • Gary Collinge
  • Jason
  • Chris

August Birthdays:

  • Brian Veitch
  • Harvey Lee
  • Ken Cretney
  • Nancy Stibbard
  • Gordon Zavediuk
  • Andrew Brownrigg

September Birthdays:

  • Abdul
  • Eda Koot
  • Jian Huang
  • Mark Elliott
  • Dave Stevens

Happy Birthday to all


  • Karen Tocher had her entire Expedia Team fantastic
  • Scott Johnson has a guest John Kearns GM Sheraton Guildford
  • Christine Louden has a guest Anthony Woo Director of Sales for TravelClick
  • David Wetsch has two guests; Kervin GM of the Trump International Hotel and Thomas and Sarah Reppchen
  • Gordon Chatry has a guest his wife Pamela
  • Shamir has a guest his son Yaseen
  • Dave Stevens has a guest his new bride Stacia Welcome to all of our guests.


  • David inducted Barry Johnson, GM of the Delta Vancouver Suites Hotel. We all welcomed Barry to the Club. Great addition.

Michael and Harvey to recognize some of the Past Presidents. List will be provided on the Vancouver Skal website

Special note our bell was donated by Fred Barrow our 1961 President.

Draw Prizes – Kevin and Altan

  • $100 dry cleaning certificate from Shamir Clean-Rite to Heather Roberts
  • Sightseeing tour of Vancouver-Kevin Pals
  • Granville Island Hotel stay $300, Michael Swain
  • Other winners for wine and other prizes: Ron Waterhouse,Aseen,Morgan,and Rudolf.

Grand Prize Draw for 2019, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December)

  • Jarred from Expedia Karen will represent Jarred at the Christmas Lunch
  • Lydia Miller
  • Ron Waterhouse

Thank you, to Christine and the team. Kevin complimented the Chef and his team for a great meal including the horsdeuvers. The paring of the wines with the meal was perfect. The service staff did a fantastic job. Well done to all.

Next dinner event will be October 9th at Reflect Social Dinning & Lounge at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

Skål Vancouver Ron Groves Annual Golf Tournament Results June 2019

June 14th 2019:

UBC Golf Course

President Michael and Harvey Lee welcomed all in attendance.

Check-in Team:  David and Greg

Door Prize tickets table: Greg

Toast to the Queen: Brian Vetch

SKAL Toast: Morgan Chatry

Wine draw Table: Kevin

Angus gave the club an update on his recent trip to Skål Copenhagen.

June Birthdays:

  • Philip Storey
  • Devaraj Rajagopal
  • Shamir
  • Beth Walters
  • Morgan Chatry
  • Christine Louden






BC Place Stadium
Best Western Plus Chateau Granville
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
Fast Signs
Georgian Court Hotel
HR West Consulting
Michael Kaile
Priority Building Services
The Summit Group
Super 8 Prince George
West Coast Sightseeing


Blue Horizon Hotel
Capilano Suspension Bridge
Chateau Whistler
Choice Hotels Canada
City of Surrey
Clean Rite
Delta Vancouver Suites
Embassy Inn Victoria
Fairfield Inn & Suites Kelowna
Georgian Court Hotel
Granville Island Hotel
Harbour Air
Hilton Metrotown
Hilton YVR
Holiday Inn Metrotown
Hotel Grand Pacific
Hungtindon Manor
Landsea Tours
Lift Restaurant & Grill
Marriott Pinnacle Hotel
Matrix Hotel Edmonton
OutBack Team Building
p2b Bistro & Bar @ Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel
Pacific Gateway Hotel
Painter’s Lodge
Park N Fly
Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel
Pinnacle Hotel North Vancouver
Shangri La Taipei
Trump Hotel International
Varscona hotel on Whyte Edmonton
Venue West Conference Services
West Coast Sightseeing
Wickaninnish Inn

Pictures available on the Skål Vancouver Facebook page:

Upcoming Meeting: September 11th Granville Island Hotel


Skål Vancouver May Meeting Minutes 2019

May 8th 2019 General Meeting Minutes:

Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel

President Michael welcomed all in attendance for the dinner. He updated us on the NASC Congress in Hawaii.  Service and experience as very good, some good key note speakers such as Scott Tatum President & CEO of Tourism Hawaii.  Spectacular events; a Luau at Sea Life Park and participation at the International Food & Wine Festival.  He will be posting pictures and stories on the facebook page over the next week

Check-in Team:  David and Harvey

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Kevin

Toast to Queen: Altan    

SKAL Toast: Karim

May Birthdays:

  • Sue Daugulis
  • Gordon Chatry
  • Altan


  • Karen Tocher has a guest
    • Shawana Lang, Director of Market Development Tourism Whistler
  • David has a guest
    • Katarina Polonsky, Canadian Correspondent The Bespoke Black Book
  • Michael has a guest
    • Larry Ho, General Manager Jericho Tennis Club

Michael welcomed all guests.

Inductions of two Young Skål Members:

Altan introduced Jian Huang and Devaraj Rajagopal. The inductions were completed. Welcome to the Club.

Harvey introduced the 2018 Bill Rowe Memorial Tourism Award. Harvey introduced the past and current profile of the recipient. The award was presented to Steve Halliday a Hospitality Virtuoso. Congratulations from the entire club well deserved (See Harvey’s presentation video HERE)

Harvey spoke to the upcoming Annual Ron Groves Golf Tournament and Steven Chen spoke to the Silent Auction on Friday June 14th at the UBC Golf and Country Club. Please go to the Vancouver Skal Website for the detail. For the silent auction– we are in need of Prizes. David will advise the membership of the need on Thursday. (See Steve’s acceptance video HERE)

Ivano updated us all on the NASC congress in Hawaii.

  • Coach presented Altan with a gift from the Young Skållegues from the congress
  • Coach presented the MDF winners with their prizes. Two members from our club won prizes (Scott & Kevin combined won the Toronto Experience and Christine won the Quebec Christine Won The Quebec Experience).  Coach mentioned how disappointed he was that we were the 2nd highest raffle sales of the country.
  • Ivano presented to David Wetsch The President’s Gold Award of Distinction from Skål Canada to the Vancouver Club for 2018. David accepted and thanked the entire Board for their handwork in achieving this award. It is a real team effort.

Draw Prizes – Steven:

  • Ricardo: Gift certificate for the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel, one night stay including Breakfast
  • Ivano: bottle of wine
  • Ricardo: bottle of wine
  • Barry: NASC 2019 swag bagHawaiian gift package,

Congrats to all of the winners.

Grand Prize Draw for 2019, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December):

  • Ivano
  • Michael our President
  • Kevin

Thank you, to the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel:

Michael Kaile spoke to a Great meal and service. Michael did a complete overview on the menu and service. Excellent achievement for the Chef and  his team. The service staff were on the mark and did a wonderful job on delivery of the food, etc.  The club appreciated their efforts. (See Michael’s thank you video HERE)

Upcoming Meeting:

June 14th Golf and Dinner at the UBC Golf and Country Club, email reminders to follow