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Skål Vancouver March Minutes 2019

March  13th  Dinner Meeting Agenda

Reflect Social Dining @ The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

President Michael opened  the meeting.  The theme was about networking and the future of the industry and Skal

Check-in Team:  David, Harvey, Altan & Fikriye

Raffle:  Steven & Altan

Toast to Queen: Juan Duran

SKAL Toast: Scott Johnson

January Birthdays:

  • Scott Johnson
  • Ruidolf Tize
  • William Whyte
  • Joyce Hayne
  • Lisa Jackson
  • Stephen Peters

After the 1st course Andrea Hinck Go2HR Manager of Industry Training spoke about the Hospitality industry, future and their services they provide

Michael discussed the 2019 Membership Development Fund Raffle.  Prize donation and draw will be done on April 27th.

Tickets are as follows

$ 25.00 – 1 Ticket

$ 100.00- 5 Ticket Package

$ 150.00- 10 Ticket Package

$ 200.00 – 20 Ticket Package

We can charge your Skal account for the raffle costs.

Tickets Revenues help fund our Membership Development Fund and 30% stays within the Club.  Please contact Coach to buy tickets

After the main course we presented a panel of industry professionals to discuss the industry and importance of networking.

The panel included:

  • Karen Lewis – GM LandSea Tours
  • Christine Louden – Hotel Manager The Granville Island Hotel
  • Mark Elliott – Program Chair Hospitality Management Douglas College
  • Altan Demykira – Young Skal Ambassador
  • Andrea Hinck – Go2HR Manager of Industry Training

Draw Prizes: 

  • $100 GC from the Dockside Restaurant at the Granville Island hotel – Harvey Lee
  • Brunch for 2 for the Sunday Brunch at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown – Altan Demykira
  • Set of golf balls for the upcoming tournament – Mark Elliott
  • Bottle of red wine – Christine Louden
  • Bottle of red wine – awarded to the networking bingo card winner Irene Sui

$2500 draw for the Christmas Lunch in December entrants are:

  • Altan
  • David
  • Harvey

Gordon Chatry thanked the team at The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

See you all on April 10th @ The Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club!

Skål Vancouver January Minutes 2019

Happy New Year!

January 9th General Meeting  and AGM Agenda

French Table

President Michael opened  the meeting.

Welcome to the 2019 AGM and what an amazing location to hold the event.  I am looking forward to tonight’s dinner, I know that Herve has put together another great menu and I am especially looking forward to the Crème Caramel.

Check-in Team:  David and Greg

Raffle:  Steven Chen & Fikriye

Toast to Queen: Kevin Wooliams

SKAL Toast: Angus Wilkinson

January Birthdays:

  • David Wetsch
  • Peter Armstrong
  • Steve Halliday

Michael presented  the results of the Club for 2018 at the AGM

Financially the club had an excellent year with great success at the annual June Golf Tournament and Silent Auction. The revenue generated by that event continues to allow Skal Vancouver to offer the lowest dues and dinner charges of any club in Canada.

The club moves into 2019 on sound financial footing.

Now, as you all know it is getting more and more expensive in Vancouver.   The board wants to continue to deliver memorable meals and find locations that are attractive.  Because of this we are increasing the cost for dinners by $10 from $65 to $75 starting next month (February).

The Board deserves a big “well done” for a successful 2018.

We have seen some challenges and respect that it is a challenge for all our membership to give up time to join it, but if you are interested we looking for some fresh faces and ideas.  Membership and Reach are the areas we will be focusing on this year, more diversity of members, growth through social media and above all fun!

The floor was opened for nominations to join the board, the Membership and Communications positions are open.

And with no nominations we present to you the Board of Directors for 2019:

  • President: Michael Favelle
  • Past President: Greg Moon
  • Secretary/Administrator: David Wetsch
  • VP of Finance: Lisa Jackson
  • Director of Membership: David Wetsch
  • Director of Communications: Michael Favelle
  • Skal Canada Vancouver Rep: Ivano “Coach” Corazza
  • Director at Large: Harvey Lee
  • Director at Large: Ron Waterhouse
  • Young Skal Ambassador: Altan Demirkaya

Next month is the last month that all outstanding drink tickets will be accepted

2019 Events:

  • February 22nd, The Georgian Court Hotel (Friday)
    • Save the date – wives, partners and spouses are welcome
    • Rooms are available at the Georgian Court and The Pan Pacific
    • Dinner will be at the Georgian Court
    • Speakers TBC
    • Breakfast the next day TBC
  • March 13th, Reflect Restaurant Hilton Hotel Metrotown, this will be a special Young Skal event
  • April 10th, Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club
  • May 8th, The Hilton Vancouver Airport
  • June 14th, The Annual Ron Groves Golf Tournament Event (Friday)
  • September 11th, Granville Island Hotel Dockside
  • October 9th, Pan Pacific Hotel
  • November 13th – TBC
  • December 11th, The Annual Christmas Luncheon at the Arbutus Club

We are now accepting nominations for the Tourism Award for 2018. Please go to the Vancouver Skal website and click on nominations. The recipient will be announced at our March 2019 meeting.

2019 Membership Development Fund Raffle.  Prize donation and draw will be done on April 27th.  Please contact Coach for further details

Draw Prizes: Steven wines and other prizes

  • Wine: Scott Johnson
  • Wine: James Chase
  • $50 Gift Certificate from the French Table: Karen Tocher

$2500 draw for the Christmas Lunch in December…winners are:

  • Christine Louden
  • Brian Veitch
  • Karen Tocher

Thank you to the French Table  Herve and his team made by Karen Tocher  we all enjoyed the dinner and service!

See you all on February 22nd!

Skål Vancouver December Minutes 2018

December 12th General Meeting Minutes

Arbutus Club

President Michael opened the meeting. Welcomed all members and their guests.

Check-in Team:  David and Greg Moon

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Ivano

Toast to Queen: Karim

SKAL Toast: Randy Vannatter

December Birthdays:

  • Randy Vannatter
  • Darren Young
  • Steven Chen
  • Ayako Kawamukai
  • Karim Mohammadi


  • Beth Walters, guest is Lydia Miller
  • Jonas Melin’s guest is Richard Taylor Sr. Director of Sales & Marketing Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront.
  • Steven Chen, two guests, Amina Valli-Hasham District Director for Roy Nat and Duncan Chiu Coast Hotels, Development for Franchising.
  • Randy Vannatter has the following Guests: Louis Zanni,General Manager for WorldMark Vancouver a Wyndham Destination;Olga Bannikova,Guest Services Manager for WorldMark Vancouver a Wyndham Destination,Mark Hope Executive Director for Coast Hotels and Resorts,Director of Brand Development;Rick Fisher,Visitors Choice Magazine;Rachelle Delaney,City Passports.

Welcome to all Guests

Ivano did a summary of the benefits to belonging to Skal Vancouver .  This gives us all an opportunity to contact other Skal Clubs International and in Canada when we travel . Ivano did mention Skal International has a World Congress on September 14th, 2019. For more detail go the the Skal International website.

Harvey Lee, advised we are now accepting nominations for the Tourism Award for 2018. Please go to the Vancouver Skal website and click on nominations. This will be announced at our March 2019 meeting.

Draw Prizes –  Steven  wines and other prizes

  • Wine- Randy Vannatter
  • 2 passports to Plaza Premium Airport Lounges-James Chase
  • Christmas Gift Basket-Ron Waterhouse

Congratulations to all the winners.

Grand Prize Draw of $2500 for 2018

  • Ivano will do the draw all names from January to December submitted, if you are not present, we will have a rep in your place.
  • The winner is Jonas Melin, cheque written to him after the draw, congratulations Jonas.
  • Thank you Ivano for coordinating the Draw.

Thank you to the Arbutus Club was Brian Veitch. The food service and the quality of food was first class. Thank you from all of the Club members. We also recognized Ron for coordinating the event. Thank you Ron.

Upcoming meeting  January 9th The French Table. This meeting will also be our Annual General Meeting.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.

Skål Vancouver November Minutes 2018

November 14th General Meeting Minutes

The Vancouver Club

President Michael opened the meeting

Check-in Team:  David and Greg Moon

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Lisa

Toast to Queen: Kevin Wooliams

SKAL Toast: Mark Elliott

November Birthdays: Ron Waterhouse


  • Michael : Carrie Kempster
  • Peter Armstrong: Ty Speers and Grant Mackay VP Destination BC
  • Mark Elliott, two guests Students from Japan
  • Dave Stevens guest is Irvin Eng
  • Shamir, guest is his son Yaseen
  • Valentina Tang her guest is Vince Smith

Welcome to all Guests


  • Hani Golestaneh Young Skal
  • Sue Daugulis
  • Chris Perna

President Message

For first time ever we will be  streaming live on Facebook starting at 8:15pm a round table discussion on “Vancouver’s Position in Tourism.” Moderated by fellow Skallegue Peter Armstrong and joining him will be Ty Speer President & CEO of Tourism Vancouver and Grant MacKay Vice President of Destination Management for Destination British Columbia

Draw Prizes – Lisa and Steven wines and other prizes

  • Wine – Gary Collinge
  • Wine – Greg Moon

Congratulations to all the winners.

Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December)

  • Phil Storey
  • Juan Duran
  • Christine Louden

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Upcoming Meeting: December 12th, The Arbutus Club (Annual Christmas Luncheon)








Skål Vancouver October Minutes 2018

October 10th General Meeting Minutes

Preston’s Restaurant and Lounge at the Coast Coal Harbour by APA

President Michael opened the meeting

Check-in Team:  David and Greg Moon

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Lisa

Toast to Queen: Ivano

SKAL Toast: Harvey

October Birthdays:

  • Tim Tindle


  • Karim introduced Sophia Virani
  • Mark Elliott introduced 3 Young Skal Students from Japan

Welcome to all Guests

Induction: Altan

  • Burcu Inalpulat Fairmont Hotel Water Front Hotel, congratulations Burcu and a warm welcome to our Club

President Message

President Michael reminded the membership about the drink tickets usage, discussed that we will announce the 2019 meeting calendar next meeting.  We are working on the Victoria Co-event for 2019 here in Vancouver and will have further details next month.  He reminded everyone about our annual Christmas fundraiser for the Christmas Bureau and threw a challenge out to Coach to take to his Skal Canada meeting to challenge all clubs across Canada for December!

Draw Prizes – Lisa and Steven wines and other prizes

  • Wine, Angus
  • Wine, Ricardo
  • Wine, Karim
  • Gift Certificates: one for $150 in Preston’s winner is Mark Elliott and one for accommodation in the Coast Hotel Coal Harbour valued at $500, the winner is Christine Lounden

Congratulations to all the winners.

Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December)

  • Michael our President
  • James Chase
  • Chris Perna

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thank you to the Coast Hotel and Preston’s Restaurant and Bar. Michael thanked the entire team for one of the best dinners we have had as a club. First Class. Brian Rohl many thanks for hosting.

Upcoming Meeting: November 14th, Vancouver Club








Skål Vancouver September Minutes 2018

September 12th General Meeting Minutes – Trattoria Restaurant

President Michael opened the meeting, and thanked all for attending.

Check-in Team:  David and Richard

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Richard

Toast to Queen: Gary Collinge

SKAL Toast: Karen Tocher, well done

September Birthdays:

  • Abul Walli
  • Eda Koot
  • Mark Elliott
  • Dave Stevens


  • Matt Taylor had a guest: Steve Farrelly Senior MGR Rocky Mountaineer.
  • Scott had one guest: Chris Perna GM Hilton Metrotown
  • Shamir had a guest: his son Yaseen
  • Beth Walters had a guest: Robert Pratt
  • Mark Elliott had two guests: Barbara Ramos and Thais Fraga from Douglas College.

Welcome to all Guests 

Our President Michael, advised that Angus Wilkinson is stepping off as Chair for the Membership Committee. Michael thanked Angus for all of the hard work he did over the years. Angus said a few words. In my many visits with different Skal Clubs around the world. I have enjoyed amazing hospitality from the members of those Clubs. To be able to share experiences with people in different cultures and varying lifestyles is extremely rewarding. If any of our members would like to speak to me personally about these experiences and friendships developed I am open to discuss with you at any time.

Michael requested our membership should develop new members this is critical to the growth of our club. Anyone interested to be the Membership Chair advise me as soon as possible.

Draw Prizes – Richard and Steven  ( wines and other prizes)

  • Wine: Robert Pratt
  • Wine: Andrew Brownrigg
  • Wine: Shamir
  • Gift Certificates (3) $50 each from the Trattoria winners are:
    • Karen Tocher
    • David Wetsch
    • Yaseen

Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December

  •  Mark Elliott
  • Angus
  • Angus

Congratulations to all of the winners

Thank you to the Trattoria, Our President thanked Patrick and his team for a job well done. All members applauded.

 Upcoming Meeting: October 10th Coast Hotel at Coal Harbour








Skål Vancouver June Minutes 2018

June 15th General Meeting Minutes – Ron Groves Golf Tournament

University Golf Club

President Michael opened the meeting

Toast to Queen: Morgan Chatry

 Skål Toast: Mark Elliott

 June Birthdays:

  • Morgan Chatry

 Harvey Lee introduced the golf tournament winners

 2018 Ron Groves Golf Tournament Winners

Skål Men’s Low Gross

Randy Vannatter

Skål Women’s Low Gross

Lauren Veitch

Men’s Low Net

Andrew Mowat

Men’s KP

Andrew Mowat

Women’s KP

Lauren Veitch

Open KP

James Chase

Men’s Long Drive

Andrew Mowat

Women’s Long Drive

Joyce Haynes

Straightest Drive

Mark Elliott


Randy Vannatter

Texas Scramble Winners

Morgan Chatry

Herb Jamison

James Chase

Rod Marr

 Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December

  • Michael Favelle
  • Joyce Haynes
  • Jim Whyte

 Congratulations to all of the winners.

Upcoming Meeting: September 12 Vancouver Community College

Skål Vancouver May Minutes 2018

May 9th General Meeting Minutes

 Civic Hotel, Surrey

President Michael opened the meeting.

Check-in Team:  David and Richard

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Lisa

Toast to Queen: Harvey Lee

SKAL Toast: James Chase

 May Birthdays:

  • Brian Rohl
  • Richard Purcell
  • Gordon Chatry
  • Doris Hager
  • Altan


  • Juan Duran has a guest, Tom Beckett of Hotel Valuation Services
  • Michael Favelle has a guest, Chris Perna GM Hilton Hotel Burnaby
  • Scott Johnson has a guest, Paul Gallop GM Westin Element of Burnaby
  • Beth Walters has a guest, Cindy Schoenauer
  • Altan has a guest, Burcul Inalpolat,Fairmont Waterfront Hotel.
  • Harvey has a guest Kathy Delisser
  • Doris Hager has a guest, Zandro

Welcome to all Guests 

Inductions we have three new members:

  • Karen Lewis, Harvey will introduce
  • Karen Tocher, Lisa will introduce
  • Christine Louden, Lisa will introduce

Thank you, Lisa and Harvey, for bringing in our new members tonight.  It is great to see the club with adding 3 new members two months in a row.

Lisa and Angus have been working very hard to increase our membership however they cannot do this alone.  We are looking to you, the membership to help.  If you are able and/or interested in assisting with membership drive, please see either Angus or Lisa.  Remember we cannot do this alone.

Thank you to General Manager Franklin Jackson for allowing us to visit and tour his hotel tonight.  And Thank you to Rooms Division Manager Jonie Tee for the tours.

Board Member Harvey Lee discussed the upcoming Golf Tournament and reminded members to sign up for the golf event and/or the dinner.

Drink Tickets:  we will be moving to cash bars. Tickets will be sold at the Golf event. Starting September dinner event we will not be selling drink tickets. Cash bars will begin. All members tickets will be accepted until February 28, 2019.

We are going to start working on our co-event with Victoria for next February, however, we have been approached by the Rockies Skal Club to see if we would do a co-event with them.  (Michael asked if the membership was interested and there was a positive response) 

Draw Prizes: Lisa, Richard, and Steven

  • Wine –David
  • Wine -Andrew
  • Gift certificate from the Civic Hotel weekend accommodations-Harvey

Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December

  • Karen Lewis
  • Rudolf Tze
  • Andrew Brownrigg

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thank you to the Civic Hotel: President Michael

Upcoming Meeting: June 15 UBC Golf and Dinner event.















Skål Vancouver April Minutes 2018

April 11thGeneral Meeting Minutes

The French Table

President Michael opened the meeting

Check-in Team:  David and Fikriye

Raffle:  Steven Chen and Altan

Toast to Queen: Shamir

SKAL Toast: Laurie Barkman Skal Club Winnipeg

April Birthdays:

  • Michael Kaile
  • Jonas
  • Anastasios


  • Lisa Jackson has two guests Christine Loden Hotel Manager Granville Island Hotel and Karen Tocher Expedia Area Manager for Western Canada.
  • Havey has a guest, Karen Lewis GM Land and Sea Tours
  • David has a guest, Martin Leclerc, General Manager of the Westin Bayshore Hotel
  • We have a visiting Skal Member from the Winnipeg Club (Laurie Barkman)
  • Gordon Chatry has a guest, Pamela
  • Shamir has two guests Scott Johnson GM of the Holiday Inn Metrotown & Yassen
  • Michael has two guests Nives Mehmedi – Sales Manager & Wilson Lo – Sales & Catering Co-coordinator. May become Young Skal members.
  • Ron has a guest – Donna

Welcome to all Guests 

Inductions we have three new members:

  • Rodrigo Diaz de Rivera Vargas Managing Director for Western Canada- Mexico Tourism Board. David introduced
  • Andrew Brownrigg, General Manager of the Best Western Chateau Granville, Altan introduced.
  • Ricardo Rojas, Michael Favelle did introduce.

Congratulations to all New Members


Skal Canada Membership Drive Update, please see Ivano for ticket sales tonight.

Housekeeping item:

Moving forward Skal Vancouver will be moving away from drink tickets and towards cash bars.  As of the June 2018 Gold Tournament drink tickets will not be sold at the Skål dinners.  Starting at the September dinner event cash bars will be available.

Drink tickets will be honored until February of 2019

Our President:

Tonight I want to recognize our Young Skal Professionals.  These Young Skal Professionals aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow; they’re the leaders of today.  They are molding our industry and we need to ensure we are providing the support, guidance, and leadership to help continue to rise.

I have asked that each of our Young Skal Members here tonight to talk about what Young Skal means to them and how we can continue to support them in their upward growth.

Altan/Young Skal Members: Altan advised for a detailed overview, please refer to the April Newsletter. Altan spoke about Young Skal who are members of the Vancouver Club. These are our Young Skal, each one was recognized: Altan, Alina Doaga, Ayako Kawamukai, Karim Mohammadi, Matt Taylor, Fikriye Topkaya, Brianne Kelly. Matt Taylor and Karim Mohammadi gave their career experiences and why they joined Young Skal. A very positive presentation by Matt and Karim.

 Draw Prizes – Altan and Steven Chen   wines and other prizes

  • Wine Ricardo
  • Wine Brian Veitch
  • Wine Zelona
  • $50 gift certificate from the French Table, Randy

Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December

  • Kevin Woolliams
  • Jim Whyte
  • Ricardo Rojas

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thank you, to Herve and his staff. (Michael Kaile) The food and service was outstanding.

 Upcoming Meeting: May 9thCivic Hotel, Surrey – very excited to visit the property and see the operation. A guided tour will be provided.








Skål Vancouver March Minutes 2018

March General Meeting Agenda

March 14th, Vancouver Convention Centre

President Michael will open the meeting

Tonight’s dinner is about recognition.  Tonight, we recognize our annual Bill Rowe Tourism Award recipient the Vancouver Convention Centre, we recognize a new Skålleague joining us, we recognize our amazing guests joining us this evening.  And I wish to recognize our powerful female professionals that we are fortunate to have as members of our club as we celebrate international women’s month.

Full update on the joint Vancouver and Victoria Skal Club dinner event February 23rd

Check-in Team:  David and Fikriye

 Raffle:  Steven Chen and Ron

 Toast to Queen: Altan

 SKAL Toast: Mark Nichols (President Skal Calgary)

 March Birthdays:

  • Scott Johnson
  • Rudolf Tize
  • Stephen Peters
  • William Whyte
  • Joyce Hayne
  • Lisa Jackson


  • Harvey has a guest
    • Karen Lewis GM Land and Sea Tours
  • President Michael has 3 guests:
    • Gail Watson – Women’s Speaking Association
    • Judy Adams, Absolute Spa
    • Michelle Cameron-Coulter.  Michelle is a six-time World Champion and the first-ever Albertan to win a Summer Olympic Gold Medal
  • Guests from the Skal Club of Calgary
    • President Mark Nichols
    • Vaughan Payne
    • Randy Williams
  • Shamir has 3 guests:
    • Marion Harper-Treskin
    • Mike Truscott JW Marriott
    • Yaseen

Welcome to all Guests 

Ivano – Skal Canada Membership Drive Raffle donations by next week

Housekeeping item:

Moving forward Skål Vancouver will be moving away from drink tickets and towards cash bars.  As of the June 2018,  drink tickets will not be sold at the Skål dinners.  Starting at the September dinner event cash bars will be available. Skål Drink tickets will be honored until the end of the February 2019 dinner meeting.

Michael spoke to the theme of the evening; Recognition

In honour of International Women’s Month, we want to celebrate the professional females of our membership.  I would like to take a moment to recognize these members who are with us tonight:

  • Joyce Hayne – Publisher EMC Publications
  • Lisa Jackson – GM The Georgian Court
  • Fikriye Topkaya -Young Skål
  • Doris Hager – Owner/Principle Hager Design
  • Ayako Kawamukai -Young Skål
  • Brianne Kelly – Young Skål
  • Eda Koot – GM The Pacific Gateway Hotel

As leaders in our industry, we have a responsibility to set the example and guide the way, it is our responsibility to ensure we continue to Push for Progress

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Ms. Gail Watson. Tonight we celebrate our Bright and Brilliant women who serve with commitment and passion in our industry.

Gail has organized a way to bring together the strong minds of our members to brainstorm and strategize how Skal Vancouver can lead the way for women in our industry to grow and develop.

Gail Watson is a massive community influencer, president & CEO of one of the biggest speakers groups in the world exclusive for women.  is  THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission.

Gail is dedicated to empowering women to authentically express themselves, build a thriving, prosperous business and cause serious transformation in the lives of their clients, companies, communities and the world.  With the mindset of “I am all in” and “how can I serve you?”, she is a dynamic leader who is frequently invited to play with top CEOs, Celebrities and Media Gurus.

Tourism Award to Vancouver Convention Centre: BoMembereber Harvey Lee presented the award:

Harvey advised this award is given to a local individual, corporation or organization that had significantly contributed to the success and growth of the tourism industry in Vancouver and British Columbia. Skål Vancouver is proud to announce that this year’s recipient of the Annual Bill Rowe Memorial Tourism Award is the Vancouver Convention Centre.  Ken Cretney, President and CEO BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo) received the award.  All members gave Ken a standing ovation.

 Draw Prizes – Ron and Steven Chen  wines and other prizes

  • Wine – James Chase
  • Wine – Doris Hager
  • Golf Balls – Yassen
  • Marriot Weekend Package in Victoria Value $1000 – Judy Adams
  • Absolute Spa gift package Value $350 – Michelle Cameron-Coulter

Grand Prize Draw for 2018, $2500 (this Prize will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch at the Arbutus Club in December

  • President Mark Nichols of Calgary Skal Club
  • Jim Whyte
  • Michael Kaile

Thank you to the venue: Michael Kaile thanked Ken and the entire kitchen and caters teams for an excellent dinner and first class service

 Upcoming Meeting: April 11th, The French Table on Main Street

 Meeting Adjourned