February Minutes 2017

February General Meeting Minutes 2017

Wednesday Feb 8th at the Neptune Wonton Noodle House Holiday Inn Metro town at Station Square (Year of the Rooster)

Check in Team: David and Steven
Raffle: Ron and Michael (Michael to do door prizes)
Toast to Queen: Craig Norris-Jones
SKAL Toast: Ivano Corazza

February Birthdays:
James Chase, Ivano, Denis Forristal,  Greg Moon.
Best wishes from us all.

President Moon introduced Dors Hager as a new member with Angus giving some history on Doris. She is the Principal of Hager Design International and does a fair amount of work with the Hotel and Restaurant Industries. Doris was presented with a certificate, skal pin and name badge. Welcome to the Club Doris.

The next induction was Mark Elliott. David advised Mark is the Hospitality Chair Travel School for Douglas College New Westminster. Mark was presented a certificate, Skal pin and a name badge. Welcome to the Club Mark.
All attending members gave a wave of approval.

President Moon advised he would be President for one more year. Michael Favelle has agreed to be the next President for years 2018 and 2019.

2016 Tourism Award Tourism Vancouver’s Info Centre. Ty Speers the CEO will receive the award at the March 8th dinner meeting. Please attend this event.

President Moon of the Vancouver Skal Club, introduced Sean Buckland the President of Skal Canada.

Angus introduced Peter Finamore Regional VP of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.  Atef Mankarios was also a guest of Angus.

Randy Vannatter introduced his guest Jason Bryant of West Coast Sightseeing.

Ivano introduced his guest Sandra Low. A warm Welcome to all.

Young Skal :
President Moon advised two new members have been approved by Skal International. Ayaho Kawamukai and Fikriye Topkaya. We now have 4 members in Young Skal. Congratulations Young Skal is growing in membership.

President of Skal Canada Sean Buckland.
He updated our membership on various tools being used to increase membership across Canada.
These membership tools are on the Skal Canada website. As he travels from Club to Club. He advised some Clubs are attracting new members from the Tourism Sectors, such as Tourism Vancouver, Destination BC, the BCHA, etc.

The Vancouver Club #129 is showing the most growth in Canada, keep up the good work. On Behalf of the Club, Greg thanked Sean for his comments on how to increase new membership and for attending our event tonight.

Sean enjoyed the 11-course dinner and he also commented on the positive energy within our Club.

President Greg’s final comment was to remind all Vancouver Skal members, to find new members. This is critical in 2017.

Draw Prizes

$ 2500.00 Cash Grand Prize to be drawn at the
2017 Dec. Skal Christmas Lunch

Steven Chen
Brian Rohl
Donna Hawrelko

Other prize draws
Mayne Island Resort; two-night stay the winner is Steven Chen.

$50.00 gift certificate for Neptune Wonton Noodle House the winner is Mark Elliott.

The Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbour front one night stay and breakfast for 2 at p2b Bistro and Bar the winner is Brian Rohl

Selection of wines
Winners are Sandra Low, Craig Norris-Jones, and Stephen Peters
Congrats to all prize winners

On behalf of the Club Brian Rohl thanked Ken Ng (owner) and Jay Lee (Manager) and his team . The 11-course dinner and the service were outstanding.

A great start to the Year of the Rooster.

President Moon advised the upcoming dinner events and please all attend:

Wednesday March 8th
Eda’s Hotel  > The Gateway Hotel at the airport in Richmond

April 12th The French Table on Main Street

May 10th Coast Hotel on Denman Street

June 16th UBC for Golf and dinner.

January Minutes 2017

January 11th 2017
Georgian Court Hotel in Frankie’s Jazz Club

Check-in Team: David – Michael
Raffle: Ron
Toast to Queen: Angus
SKAL Toast: Randy Vannatter

January Birthdays: Norman Mastalir, David Wetsch, Steve Halliday, Trevor Scott


At our January dinner President Greg and David Wetsch welcomed three new members to our Vancouver Skål Club.

Eda Koot – General Manager, The Pacific Gateway Hotel in Richmond

Richard Purcell – Regional Director, Strategic Partnerships Freemen AV Canada

Paul Wechselberger – Founder of The Lifeguard Outreach Society and Great North Aquatics (Young Skal Member)

Welcome to the Vancouver Club. Each member will meet you.

2016 Tourism Award
Harvey advised the winner is Tourism Vancouver’s Info Centre. Ty Speers the CEO will receive the award at the March 8th dinner meeting.

Stephanie Wells, Cap.University, School of Tourism Management guest of Lydia
Sandie Dexter, guest of David
Nash Qureshi guest of Angus

Young Skal
Attending are Ayako Kawaamukai BCIT Marketing: Firkrie
Toprakkaya Greystone College Customer service. Greg advised Ayako and Firkrie have submitted applications to join YS (great news) Ece AJ Sonmez BCIT Marketing and Paul Wechselberger attended tonight’s meeting. Welcome to all Young Skal.

Stephanie Wells Capilano University Tourism Management Program did speak to the Young Skal Award received in Monaco this year. Stephanie advised it was a real credit to Young Skal in receiving this prestigious award Congratulation’s to all.
The award was the Skal International Sustainable Tourism Award for our Community-Based Tourism work in Northern Vietnam. You can read the media information at http://www.capilanou.ca/tourism-management

Draw Prizes –
$ 2500.00 Cash Grand Prize to be drawn at the 2017 Dec.Skal Christmas lunch
Harvey Lee
Harvey Lee
Randy Vannatter

Other prize draw items
Darren Young. Tickets for two to attend the Chamber Choir at the Queen Elizabeth Theater (the Essence of Music.)
Shamir Shivji – good quality wine
Shamir also won a gift certificate for $100 in Frankie’s Jazz Club

Congrats to all prize winners
Thanks to Lisa Jackson Georgian Court Hotel and Frankie’s Jazz Club

Gordon Chantry thanked the entire team for a job well done, the
quality of the food and the service was outstanding. What an amazing dinner we enjoyed at Frankie’s Bar in the Georgian Court Hotel.  Thank you to our Host GM Lisa Jackson and team.  They prepared a delicious 4 course meal featuring a Rucola Salad, Gnocchi Fungi, Chicken Marsala and ended with an amazing Tiramisu!  What a way to start 2017!

Upcoming Meeting:

Wednesday Feb 8th at the Neptune Wonton Noodle House Holiday Inn Metro town at Station Square (Year of the Rooster)
Please use a Google map to locate.
Parking is free underground.

March 8th – The Gateway Hotel at the airport in Richmond

April 12th – The French Table on Main Street

May 10th – Coast Hotel on Denman Street

June 16th – UBC for Golf and dinner.

December Minutes

General Meeting Minutes

December 9 Christmas Lunch Arbutus Club

Check-in Team: David – Michael
Raffle: Ron
Toast to Queen: Stephen Peters
SKAL Toast: Rick Buecking

December Birthdays:
Randy Vannatter, Angus,  Darren Young ,and Steven Chen

Inductions: not this meeting. January 11th.

2016 Tourism Award Harvey advised the winner is Tourism Vancouver’s Info Centre. Ty Speers the CEO will be presented with the award at the January 11th meeting. Letter to be sent to Ty,

Alison Partridge Victoria Skal Club
Chris Bayliss Executive Director (Christmas Bureau)
Doris Hager, guest of Angus, Nash Qureshi guest of Angus
Trevor Scott’s guest is Cindy Schoenayer
All other Skal members if you have a guest please introduce.

Food Bank we raised $160 a check will be sent to them.

Chris Bayliss to said a few words how the Christmas Bureau is doing this year. He appreciated the gifts from the Skal Club and looks forward to 2017.

Stephanie Wells Capilano University Tourism Management Program will speak to the Young Skal Award received in Monaco this year. She wil do this at the January meeting.

Draw Prizes – Ivano and Michael
$ 2000.00 Cash Grand Prize   •The winner is Joyce Hayne Congratulations Joyce !
• Other prize draw items
• Tequila Ana
• Wine winners are Joyce Hayne, Valentina, James, Gordon, Mark and Angus congrats to all the winners.

Thanks to the Arbutus Club for a fantastic lunch and great service.
Brian Rohl thanked the CEO Brent Ellington and the entire kitchen and service teams. Well done

Upcoming Meeting:

Wednesday January 11th 2017 at the Georgian Court Hotel in Frankies Jazz Club notice will be sent to all skal members.

2016 $2000 Grand Prize Draw participants:

January – Waterhouse – Veitch – Hayne
February- Veitch – Chen – Waterhouse
March- Miller – Mastalir – Collinge
April- Lee H. – Vannatter – Krell
May- Durkin – Corazza – Storie J
June- Steven Chen-Trevor Scott-Jim Whyte
September- Ivano –Scott Johnston-Mark Elliott
October- Angus-Trevor-Mike Durkin
November- Richard Purcell-Lisa Jackson-Joyce Hayne
December- Mike Durkin-Stan Vanvorken-Donna Roka

For those who did not attend the lunch. We had a stand in for you.

The Winner is Joyce Hayne.

November Minutes

General Meeting November 9, 2016
Best Western Chateau Granville

Check-in Team: David and Michael
Raffle: Ron
Toast to Queen: Gary Collinge
SKAL Toast: Brian Veitch well done

Month Birthdays: only one Ron will not tell us his age.
Inductions: none

Greg welcomed all to the dinner and laid out the agenda for the evening.

  • Guests:
    Guest of Trevor Scott is Cindy Schoenayer
    Altan has 5 guests Ayako Kawamukai (BCIT Marketing Management)
    Fikriye Toprakkaya(Greystone College customer service)
    Pirscila Tena (Canadian College Hospitality Management)
  • Greg introduced Harvey Lee. Harvey advised the Vancouver Skal Club has a Tourism Award for the year of 2016. Please send Nominations to Harvey for the criteria please email Harvey.
  • Michael updated the group on Facebook and encouraged all members to go to our site and add to it and do likes.

Randy, advised the YVR Info Centre would re-open on November 15th. See Randy for more detail

Greg(President) advised the membership at our June Event we will not have a Sea Cruise instead Lydia is working on a Wine Tour. In addition, we will have golfing. More details to follow.

  • We have two new members joining The Vancouver Skal Club. Richard Purcell and Eda koot, they will be inducted at our January meeting. Welcome Richard and Eda.
  • Monthly Draw Prizes –
  •  $ 2000.00 Cash Grand Prize (3 names)
  • Richard Purcell
  • Lisa Jackson
  • Joyce Hayne
  • Other prize draw items: Ivano won a book titled, “Rainforest”
  • Gary a nice bottle of wine.
  • Randy, wine.
  • Morgan won a gift certificate from the BW Chateau Granville.

Lydia thanked the team at the hotel for a wonderful meal and excellent service. Our group recognized the team by a standing ovation. Well done.
Lydia thank you for the kind words.

Upcoming Meeting:
 Annual Skal Christmas Lunch
Arbutus Club
2001 Nanton Ave, Vancouver, BC
Friday December 9th @ 11am
Email blast will be sent out.

October Minutes

October 12 2016 General Meeting Minutes

Pinnacle Hotel 1133 West Hastings

Check-in Team: David and Lydia

Raffle: Ron

Chair: Ivano charged the meeting and did a great job. He updated our group as to Skal Canada and the upcoming Congress in Toronto.

Toast to Queen: Lydia Miller

SKAL Toast: Joyce Hayne

Month Birthdays: only one Tim Tindle ( regrets)

Inductions: Angus inducted Trevor Scott. A great Welcome congratulations Trevor from all Skal members.

Guests: Richard Purcell of Freeman Audio Visual Canada David’s Guest David introduced Richard. He is considering joining the Club . Altan introduced his guest, Ece AJ Sonmez currently a student of Tourism Management at BCIT.
A warm welcome from all members of the Vancouver Skal Club

Monthly Draw Prizes –

 $ 2000.00 Cash Grand Prize (3 names)

 Angus Wilkinson

 Trevor Scott

 Mike Durkin

 Other prize draw items

2 bottles of wine, went to Criag Norris-Jones and Lydia Miller

1 Gift Package . Lydia Miller

1 weekend for two at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbour view includes accommodation and breakfast each morning…winner is David Wetsch

We thanked Ron for organizing the prize draw items.

Craig Norris-Jones thanked Jonas (the GM) for hosting our group this evening. Craig also thanked the Chef and his team for a great presentation of the food and the quality was outstanding. Craig also thanked the Catering team for a job well done. The entire Club recognized the teams.

Upcoming Meeting will be November 9th at the BW Chateau

Granville Hotel. Hope to see you all there.

September Minutes

September Minutes


Date Sept.14/2016

Venue Kobe Steak House

Check-in Team: David and Harvey
Raffle: Ivano
Toast to Queen: Stephen Peters
SKAL Toast: Lydia Miller

Month Birthdays: only one Abdul Walli

Inductions: Lisa Jackson,Morgan Chatry,Brian Rohl, Linda Hagen and Trevor

Scott will be inducted on October 12th meeting.

Guests: of David, Larry Belsito and Nash Qureshi StanVan Workens guest of Angus, Eda Koot guest of Greg, James Yeo, guest of Anastasios, Rick Fisher has a guest it is Allan Bonner. Glen Steeves guest is Sandie Dexter Guests of Vanc. Skal and Altan are Mark Elliott Program Chair of the Hospitality Management Div. Douglas College, Daichi Fujikura and Kimika Kurosaki both Young Skal from Tokoyo

Monthly Draw Prizes –

$ 2000.00 Cash Grand Prize (3 names)
Scott Johnston
Mark Elliott

Other prize draw items
wines one to Mark Elliott and one to David

Thanks Greg Thanked Russell and his Team at Kobe for an outstanding evening.

Upcoming meeting — October 12,Pinnacle Hotel

Harbour Front 1133 West Hastings.

May Minutes

Wed May 11, 2016
Hilton Hotel Richmond  AGM

Check-in team: Ron Waterhouse and Ivano Corazza
Raffle: Ron – $370.00 Raised for the Club
Toast to the Queen: Beth Walters

SKAL Toast: Gordon Chatry

May Birthdays: Rick Buecking, Gordon Chatry, and Linda Hagen

Guests: John Garden Guest of Angus Wilkinson

New Business:  Harvey spoke on the golf and fishing in June and support is appreciated.

The Club will be changing the payment plan to credit cards only. This due to the changes to the EST position. We have hired an outside bookkeeper and David Wetsch will be doing the ES duties.

Ivano spoke about the National Raffle and prizes to be won.

Angus advised the membership we will be inducting 5 new members in June.

3 Names for $2000 cash this month:
Mike Durkin, Ivano Corazza, and Jim Storie

Wine draw, Craig Norris-Jones and Norman Mastalir
Candle: Scott Johnson and Jonas Melin

Thanks to the Hilton: Michael thanked the staff and kitchen staff for a fabulous dinner.

(Meeting finished at 8:30 pm)

Skal Canada Vancouver


Kobe Japanese Steak House

1042 Alberni Street Vancouver (There is valet parking available)

Wednesday February 12, 2020

Reception at 6:00pm
dinner at 7:00 pm