Skål is the only international organisation which brings together all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Representing the industry’s managers and executives, Skålleagues meet at local, national and international levels in an environment of friendship to discuss subjects of common interest.

The first Club was founded in Paris in 1932 by travel trade managers who had been on an educational tour of Scandinavia and the idea of international friendship gained such popularity that in 1934, Skål achieved international status with the formation of the Association Internationale des Skål Clubs (A.I.S.C.), on the initiative of the first President of the Paris Skål Club and the man considered the “Father of Skål”, Florimond Volckaert.

From that modest beginning, Skål now has more than 20,000 members in over 450 Clubs, spread throughout 90 countries. As in other associations of professionals (such as Rotary, Oddfellows and Lions), most Skål activities take place within the Clubs, but the movement also features National and Area Committees coming under the umbrella of the A.I.S.C. (Skål International), which has its own Secretariat in Torremolinos, Spain.

Skål is managed by an Executive Committee of nine members, elected by Club delegates to the General Assembly, which is held in conjunction with the World Congress. This five-day Congress is hosted by a different country each year, thus offering members and their companions the opportunity of observing, first hand, the travel and tourism industry potential of other countries



The Skal Canada Vancouver has evolved several policies over the years in order to run an efficient organisation for the enjoyment of its members. These policies enable us to present members with first class meetings, at reasonable prices and with as much variety as possible. All members are expected, as a condition of membership, to adhere to these simple rules.

All Active, Transfer Active and Associate members are expected to attend at least 60% of the club Regular meetings each Year. The Vancouver Club holds 10 Regular meetings yearly in which case the minimum attendance is 6 meetings. The club also holds at least two extra meetings each year with attendance counting towards your 60%. In addition, you may attend meetings at any of the more than 530 Skal Clubs throughout the world. These meetings are known as ‘Make-up’ meetings and you will be given a card to bring back for your attendance credit.

In the Vancouver Club we have an unusually high attendance factor and can usually expect 75% to 85% at each regular meeting. This being the case, members do not tell us that they will attend a meeting – but rather that they will not attend. In this event, members contact the Secretary to advise non-attendance and are given a ‘Regrets Number’. Extra meetings usually require you to advise if you will attend. If we do not receive a call from an Active, a Transfer Active or an Associate member, we shall assume that they will attend the next Regular meeting and they will be billed – whether they attend or not. This is because we must give; and pay for, a guaranteed number for each meeting The hotels and restaurants bill us according to our guarantee. If you are bringing a guest to a meeting, call the secretary so that your guest can be added to the guarantee. Of course, if your guest ‘No-Shows’, you will be billed for their dinner. Life members, who are not obliged to attend, will call the Secretary at least 48 hours before a meeting to advise acceptance. Notices of meetings are usually mailed at least 3 weeks before a meeting date and the deadline for attendance advice is contained in each notice.

Member accounts with the Vancouver Club are strictly personal and in no way contingent upon your company payment policies. If you are fortunate enough to have your account paid by your company, this is between yourself and the company. We shall not entertain requests for account details from other than a member.

Member accounts are fully computerized and you will receive a detailed invoice after each meeting this invoice will show any outstanding debit or credit balance plus details of charges for the last meeting It will also show the state of your attendance for the current Year. Any debit balance which is outstanding for 30 days, or is unpaid by the next meeting, will be surcharged by $5.00 if the amount is over $5.00 Any member whose account is unpaid for 60 days will have their name. the amount

and the delinquency period published in the general minutes of the meeting.

We rely on the co-operation of all members to ensure the continued smooth running of the club.



Skal International Application

The following procedures have been prepared in order to ensure that our Club processes proposals for new members in the most efficient and professional manner possible. Adherence to these procedures benefits the Sponsors, the potential member and the Club Executive Committee in two ways. Firstly, by streamlining the Membership Proposal process, everyone saves time. Secondly, potentially embarrassing situations are avoided when the proposal is put forward to the General Secretariat at SKAL International because we have completed the process properly.


1. Membership of SKAL is open to all qualified Travel and Tourism Professionals. To be considered for membership, persons must comply with the requirements set out in the Statutes and Bylaws of SKAL International.

? Members of SKAL must hold managerial, or equivalent, positions in the Travel and Tourism Industry.
? They must be involved in sales, marketing or promotional work and have a minimum of three (3) years experience in the industry.

2. Should you be considering proposing a new SKAL member, prior to initiating the proposal procedures, please contact the current Membership Committee Chairperson of our Club, via e-mail, with the following information on the potential member:

? Their name, their title, the name of the company they work for, what the company does, length of time they have been with the company and length of time they have held their current title.
? If their tenure is less than three (3) years with that company and/or title, please provide the same information as it pertains to their prior employment and/or position.

The Membership Committee Chairperson will review the information and advise you if the potential member meets the basic SKAL membership requirements.

3. Prior to commencing the official proposal process, potential members should attend a minimum of two SKAL Meetings as a guest. It is recommended these two meetings be regular meetings rather than the special meetings, such as the Annual Golf Tournament or the Christmas Luncheon. This is to ensure that the individual has a general understanding of how our club operates, who our current members are and what our basic approach to SKAL is, so that they can make an educated decision as to whether or not SKAL has a value to them.

4. A potential member requires two (2) sponsors who have been Active or Life SKAL members for a minimum of two years. These sponsors cannot work for the same company as the proposed member. Prior to commencing the documentation portion of proposing a potential member please ensure you have the support of a second sponsor.

5. Once the above procedures have been met, obtain a Membership Proposal Form from the Membership Committee Chairperson and/or you may propose the member ?online? @ . The proposal form is a two-page form divided into two sections; the Candidate?s Data section and the Affirmation section. You, as the sponsor, must ensure that the ?CANDIDATE?S DATA? section is completed accurately and in full. Should this section not be completed properly it cannot be forwarded to SKAL International and will be returned to you for completion. Please ensure you and the second Sponsor have completed and signed off on the ?Proposed By? portion as you will be requested to add your approval via the internet. When the form is completed you submit it and a business card to the Membership Committee Chairperson. Proposing a new member ?online? Skal International Application Form Doing so will generate a series of checks and balances to ensure all procedures for new membership are followed.

6. The Membership Committee Chairperson and the Executive will review all submitted online or manual Membership Proposal Forms. If the form is not completed properly it cannot be processed and will be returned to you. If the form is completed properly the Membership Committee Chairperson will present it to the Executive of our local SKAL Club via email and/or at the next scheduled Executive Meeting. If all is in order, our Club President and Club Secretary will complete the ?Affirmation? portion of the form online and submit it to the General Secretariat of SKAL International.

7. Once the completed Membership Proposal Form has been sent to SKAL International, confirmation of acceptance of the Proposed Member is generally received within 7 ? 10 days. Upon receipt of this official acceptance, you will be advised via email as will the Proposed Member and the second Sponsor to advise you of the Induction Date for the new Member.